Wholesale, Retail and Large Orders

Are you a distributor or retailer interested in wholesale of Walk to Jesus ™ Christian Motivation Family Game? We offer you many options to choose from. Big or small, we will always listen to you and try to give you best offer we can find.

If you have any questions or need our quotation please send us inquiry through our contact form. You can find marketing materials like posters and banners on this page. Are you interested in a custom label game?

Price and SRP

Price depends mainly on quantity and transportation options and should be ranging from 7 to 10 USD for distributors. Price for retailers depends on many factors, please contact us for quotation.

SRP – suggested retail price is set to 28.00 USD or 20.00 EUR per copy, so there is a lot of room for margins and even discounts towards SRP.

Lead Time and Shipping

retail - Walk to Jesus

We can arrange all shipping options for wholesale customers.

All large orders (FOB, LCL) will be shipped directly from our manufacturer in China to the port of your choice. We can help you with finding best option for shipping. Small orders (air or express) will be shipped from our warehouse in the Philippines with PhilPost or with your selected carrier. For USA orders we provide domestic delivery with our local distributors.

Lead time for orders up to 20.000 copies is 30 days. Please consult with us for larger orders or in holiday or peak seasons (September to December).

Please note that every copy of Walk to Jesus ™ comes individually packed in protective plastic wrapping, twelve copies per carton. We can ship 20,000 copies per 40” container and 10,000 copies per 20” container. For LCL, air and express shipment please fit your order to carton.

Content of the Walk to Jesus ™ game

  • 20 x 20 x 5 cm (8 x 8 x 2 inch) high quality, full color,

  • laminated game box (cake box type – separate top and bottom, top sits on bottom),

  • 36 x 36 cm (14.2 x 14.2 inch) high quality, full color, laminated game board (folded),

  • 20 Divine Grace cards with game effects and biblical verses; high quality, full color, matt laminated, assembled, protective plastic wrapped,

  • 15 x 9 cm (6 x 3.5 inch) 12-page game manual, high quality, full color, with game rules, illustrated first-time-play rules, instructions for educational use for parents, teachers and catechists, and motivation story,

  • 12 standard pawns (3 red, 3 blue, 3 green and 3 yellow),

  • 1 standard 6-sided die, white with black dots.
Content - Walk to Jesus

Content of the box – board, Divine Grace cards, game manual, pawns and die.

Retail Options

Large Retailers, Bookstore and Supermarket Chains

We consider orders of 1000 or more copies of the game as large orders. Due to large quantities and shipping by sea please consider early orders. Please contact us for details.

Small Retailers and Bookstores

We consider orders under 1000 issues small. Such orders can still be shipped by air or LCL. Please contact us for details.

Affiliate and Commission Retail

Would you like to sell Walk to Jesus ™ through your website or even from your physical shop, still being sold and shipped directly from us to customers home? This is also an option, please see our Affiliate program.

Intermediary Sales

Do you know a person or organization interested in our game? We would love you to connect us, and will do sales and award you your commission.