Walk to Jesus at Goblicon 2014

Walk to Jesus at Goblicon 2014
Walk to Jesus - Goblicon 2014

RPG fans enjoying Walk to Jesus at Goblicon 2014

When we came to Goblicon 2014 in Maribor, Slovenia the word of Walk to Jesus™ already preceded us and people were anxious to play it. And Jesus was a star again – hardcore gamers just love it, despite they do not consider them selves religious Christians. Spela Salamon, one of the organizers, told us: “Even though none of us is Christian, we all agree that Walk to Jesus™ is one of the most entertaining board games we ever played and I’m sure a lot of people would agree with us.”

Goblicon 2014

Goblicon is an annual RPG, fantasy, LARP, Sci-Fi and tabletop gaming in general convention held in Maribor, Slovenia. This was the second year of the con and organizers were thrilled by the high numbers of visitors, interested in D&D, Warhamer, Magic the Gathering, LARP, fantasy and Sci-Fi literature etc … We have also presented Walk to Jesus™ and our new game “27” to the public and response was great. Also Kickstarter winner Juraj Bilich was presenting his MachinaArcana.

27 - five elements at Goblicon 2014

Players testing our new game “27” at Goblicon 2014


“27” is our new family game – players have to collect sets of cards of various colors and powers to gain 27 points. We only have a prototype for now, and are hoping to get the art for Christian version soon. (We would like to use images of saints and other important people from Christian history, but this is complicated due to intellectual property rights.) Check up often to find more information on the game.