Spiel 14 in Essen – World’s largest board game show

Spiel 14 in Essen – World’s largest board game show
Spiel 14 - Essen - Germany

Our booth in “Spiel 14” board game fair in Essen, Germany was always full.

For the first time we went to Essen in Germany, where “Spiel” – world’s largest board game fair and show is held each year. Our game “Walk to Jesus ” was well accepted and got a lot of media coverage. People had a chance to play the game at our booth and most loved it – specially the kids. Also sales were good, and we can announce that the first edition of Walk to Jesus  is sold out. We are specially happy that we had a good audiences, as our booth was placed at a very poor position – but still a lot of people was drawn to us by the image of Jesus. Some to admire, some for curiosity and some to mock us – we are grateful for all of them. And while most that came with good attitude got an even better impression of us, many that came with a bad attitude, changed it when they saw the game.

Players reaction

Almost all of the players that played the game stated that they like the game, mostly due to it’s positive mechanics of helping other players. It also drew a lot of attention on our authors workshop stand where were presenting new games for the next year, like the Fire Brigade.

Spiel 14

Spiel” (german word meaning “game”) is the largest board game trade fair in the world. It is held in the German town of Essen every year in the autumn.