Preliminary Edition

Preliminary Edition
Preliminary Edition - Pot k jezusu - Ognjisce - Slovenia

Preliminary edition of Walk To Jesus TM was published in December 2012 in Slovenia, EU, bu Ognjisce d.o.o.

In summer 2012 we started working on publishing preliminary edition of Walk to Jesus ™ Christian Motivation Family Game. Game was developed based on Circles of Success motivation game, developed by Alfred V. in 2008, used for his lectures in game theory and media management for Middlesex University, London, Great Britain executed by Institute and Academy on Multimedia, Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 2012 he adopted game to Christian elements and found great interest for it at largest Slovenian Christian publisher, Ognjisce, who later published first edition of the game called “Pot k Jezusu” (Way to Jesus, literal translation from Slovenian language).

Preliminary edition in store

Ognjisce developed their own design with their illustrator, you can order it here (its in Slovenian language only!): This issue is part of our market testing. Game was officially released in December 2012.