Marketing Tools and Banners

poster A2 - best Christmas gift - Walk to Jesus

A2 poster with game description, some game features and “best Christmas gift” star.

We don’t only offer products for you to sell, but also marketing solutions and tools for you to help you improve sales of Walk to Jesus ™ – Christian Motivation Family Game. Here you can find marketing tips and download posters and banners for your shop. Also see some tips that can help you promote and sell Walk to Jesus ™ better.

Marketing: Posters

Here you can download marketing posters for Walk to Jesus ™  Christian Motivation Family Game. We offer sizes A2 (great for windows, walls and other large surfaces) and A4 (great for on-counter advertising and other close area surfaces) and life size cut out images you can place in front of your store.


To dowload the wallpaper, click the download button under each image and unzip the .zip file using a zip software like 7-Zip.

Select from following poster sizes:

Marketing: Banners

Here are some standard banners for your website, you can include them on your website free. You are also allowed to modify them, as long as face of Jesus and Walk to Jesus ™ – Christian Motivation Family Game logo are still fully visible.

250x250 banner - marketing - walk to jesus

250 x 250 orange banner

250x250 banner - marketing - walk to jesus

250 x 250 blue banner


Select from following banner sizes:

Marketing: Promotion and Sales Tips

You know your customers best, but here are some tips you can use to increase sales of Walk to Jesus ™  Christian Motivation Family Game:

  • Organize Walk to Jesus ™ World Series tournaments in your store – this will only increase your sales of our game, but also sales in general as your costumers will gather in your store who will purchase other items.
  • Offer gift wrapping for the game.
  • Offer signed version of Walk to Jesus ™ or one with special dedication defined by customer. Please note it has to be shipped to your store where customer will pick it up; shipment fee is to be charged to the customer.
  • Offer Walk to Jesus ™ T-shirts.
  • Use posters and life size cut-outs from this site to promote the game in and near your store. And use banners to promote Walk to Jesus ™ on your website.