First order – five thousand copies

First order – five thousand copies
first order - Walk to Jesus

Premium version of Walk to Jesus ™is already in production.

This week we just passed first order of 5.000 copies of Walk to Jesus ™ Christian Motivation Family Game. Game will be developed by one of the world's best board game manufacturers that also produces worlds most successful board game for world's largest board game manufacturer. (We can't use their names for our promotion because of trademark protection laws, but you can google what that game and manufacturer is). We are expecting top quality products that can be in your mailbox by Christmas.

First order of Premium game

First order was only for premium game, DIY game will not be available this year. But we are planning large pack of five or 10 boards for next year.

Also we started taking applications for Walk to Jesus ™ 2013 World Series. Follow us on this website or on facebook: for more information and dates of competitions.