Final corrections on Walk to Jesus ™

Final corrections on Walk to Jesus ™

Final corrections on game

final corrections - Walk to Jesus

Box now comes with biblical motto – Matthew 18:3 verse

Today we are finishing final corrections for second step of corrections on Walk to Jesus ™ Christian motivation family game. We fixed some design issues, got our texts proofread and made game in general even more pleasing. We thank our game testers for their selfless effort (though it was not hard – as they said it was even fun) in helping us make Walk to Jesus ™ even more enjoyable, educational, motivational and beautiful. Rules are now even clearer and easier to understand. We believe this is just another step towards a new excellence mark – unachieved until now – for religious games.

We hope that game will hit the shelves and your homes as soon as possible. We still have one step of corrections ahead us to assure finest quality we can possibly deliver. You can order game from our webshop or ask your nearest religious vendor to order it for you.

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Finishing website

We are also making final corrections and content submissions on this website, so we can hit the markets prepared. Soon we will upload some content for all you fans waiting for wallpapers and other free goodies.