Motivation story: Road of a Christian

Reasons for Motivation story

Motivation stories are not a new invention. They are as old as humanity itself. Legends and religious stories have all endured the test of time, because they inspire us and motivate us to do good. This is also the goal of Walk to Jesus ™ Christian Motivation Family Game. With this story, it will be easier to understand the deeper – religious – meaning of the game thus it will help you awake interest and motivate your audiences; children, youth, adults, people who have turned away from the road to Jesus etc. The game itself – the fun part – is just your motivation tool to help your audiences accept the higher elements of Walk to Jesus ™ and inspire them to follow the road of a true Christian with an example.

motivation-story-walk-to-jesusUsing motivation story will greatly increase inspiration in your audience to do what you teach – it can multiply the effect of merely explaining why something is worth trying. Here is a great article on motivation factors behind Steve Jobs’ speeches, where you can also find some ideas about usage of our motivation story – Road of a Christian. Please combine this with techniques explained in our Education game article.

Motivation Story: Road of a Christian

Motivation Journey begins: Set the Goal

The Road of a true Christian is never easy. And it is not just one road we have to walk – first is our family, next is our job or school, another one is spiritual life. There are many other roads we walk upon every day – so many in fact, we often neglect the road we walk to Jesus. Though true Christians should strive for all their roads to lead to Jesus – shouldn’t our own biological families serve as a reminder of our bigger family in Jesus? And shouldn’t the works and teachings of Jesus be our inspiration at job and school? And what is a spiritual life if we are not walking towards His light?

Walking on many roads helps us stay on the track, as successes on one road will give us confidence and strength to push through rough patches on the other. And on all roads, Love of Jesus should be our signpost.

Yet many people are afraid of life, hiding in the corner, hoping that all problems will go away if they just stay out of the way. Hoping that in the end, all will be fine. But that’s not how it works! Jesus is giving us His hand, but we have to get up there and reach for it. We have to Walk to Jesus.

First Motivation Road: Enthusiasm

The first step on any road is always hard – we have to find courage and strength to get out of our comfort zone and travel into the unknown. And as we get there, we are thrilled by all the new things we see – everything seems shiny and easy, our step is light and full of hope and the road is wide and bright. We are walking the Road of Enthusiasm. We feel protected by Divine Grace on every step and we are grateful for Mother Mary’s help and her intercession for us at the Lord’s feet.

Second Motivation Road: Trial

Walking this road and doing good will bring us closer to Jesus. However as we move on, we come to the Road of Trial. There will be tests and temptations for us that make us question our faith and our road may be filled with ups and downs. Remember: you can solve any test and pass any temptation if you follow the Words of the Lord. Don’t give up if you fail – error is not the end but just another opportunity, because Jesus loves us with all of our faults, and will forgive all our sins if we repent and go back on the road that leads to him.

Third Motivation Road: Doubt

If you just open your eyes, you will see that there are opportunities to walk to Jesus on every step – help others, be good, and you will move closer to Him. As you walk to Jesus, you will realize that your own path has many obstacles, and that there may be many easier paths than yours. This is the Road of Doubt. Temptations seem to promise endless pleasures, but if you succumb to them it will be hard to escape as they suck life from you by offering what they can’t deliver – everlasting pleasure. Only courage, faith and love of the Lord will help you free yourself and go back on your path to Eternity.

Fourth Motivation Road: Light

You will overcome the doubt on the Road of Light. The Light of Jesus will open your eyes and make you see that all your hardship and sacrifice was nothing compared to the reward – all the love and grace and beauty you will receive as you step into the Light and stare in the face of Jesus. But beware – Sin is also lurking near the light, so don’t become vain and think you are safe just because you can see – one wrong step can throw you back into the abyss.

Motivation Goal: Success

jesus - goal of the journey - walk to jesus

Reaching for Jesus is the goal of every Christian’s journey.

When your time comes, your life will be judged by the Almighty at His heavenly throne and all your works and good deeds will be revealed. Your will to help others will be weighed against your bad deeds and you will realise everything done for others was not in vain. Your help to others will grant you Lord’s mercy to let you become One with Jesus and share everlasting glory with Him and his chosen. And even if you fail and fall, do not be discouraged, as the Lord’s Love for you is never-ending and He will always give you another chance, you just have to get back on the road of a true Christian and walk to Jesus.