Images of the game

Some images of Walk to Jesus ™ Christian Motivation Family Game. Click on image to see larger photos. Game is beautifully designed and manufactured in high quality. For other information please contact us.

image - walk to jesus game elements

Elements of the of Walk to Jesus: board, pawns, die, cards,manual and box.


image - walk to jesus elements

Closeup of game elements.


Images of Walk to Jesus ™ Limited edition

We have commissioned a talented artist to hand craft us set of exquisite figurines for the game. This hand made marvels come with 6 real natural pearls.

image: walk to jesus limited

Hand made figurines for Walk to Jesus limited edition


image: walk to jesus limited - pearls

Closeup of Walk to Jesus hand made figurines. Angels and kings come with real natural pearls.


Stacked boxes of Walk to Jesus ™

If you are a retailer, a stack of Games will sure look nice on your most prominent spot in the shop. You can also find ready made marketing materials on our Retailer page.

image - walk to jesus box

Stack of game boxes