Education Game: For Parents, Teachers and Catechists

Why use Education game

Walk to Jesus ™ is not just a game it is an educational game. It is an educational and motivational tool for parents, teachers and catechists. With this game and various situations within, you can explain the many angles of Christian life. It can also be used as a meditation and prayer base. Even for an adult struggling on their road to heaven, Walk to Jesus ™ can provide motivation and faith to become a better Christian. And if you invite non-religious person to the game, you can help them see the meaning of Life in Jesus in an unobtrusive way.

Education with games or edutainment is becoming a more and more acknowledged education tool because it makes us learn faster and more efficiently as with ordinary factual education methods. Games inspire and motivate students to the subject – if we make them play with educational content, most hardships of classical education will be gone – because learning with games is fun. Here is a simple and useful article summing up the benefits of learning with games (click here).

Educational and motivational examples for in-game situations

divine grace cards - walk to jesus - christian motivation family gameHere we provide some situations and possible explanations for them. But we encourage you to find your parallels with Walk to Jesus ™ and real life and their own meaning. Especially if you are trying to explain something to someone and they need an example but it’s hard to find. We would love for you to share it with us and other people on this site. Please write them as comments below.

Circles of Success: explain that any endeavor we undertake – may it be marriage, jobs, scientific projects or spiritual life – always starts with enthusiasm and though we have to travel into the unknown, we are full of hope and courage, and every move seems easy. But as we move forward, our love and beliefs come to a trial and first problems will emerge, so we have to invest more effort to advance. And though we progress at some point we will start to doubt if we can do it. All we have to do now is to find our innermost strength and as hard as it may seem, we have to continue until we see the light. And then we will know that we can succeed. The goal is there within our reach, all we need is a little more effort and some luck and we shall win. (also see our Motivation story)

Starting position: we start in an undesirable place – like a volcano, iceberg, the wild or desert, but we can move to a better place.

Helping others: help others and you will be rewarded. Ask yourself how good you feel when someone helps you and especially how good you feel when you can help someone else.

Good deeds: when you do good deeds, angels will guide your way and you will move closer to Jesus.

Bad deeds: The devil is always out there lurking in the dark, trying to make us fall into the depths of evil.

Divine Grace: when we walk in the Grace of the Lord, we are safe from any harm.

Mother Mary: Mother Mary pleas for us in Heaven. Pray to her, so she can ask favours of the Lord for you.

Temptation: there are many temptations in our way, the worst of them like drugs or crime can seem to give us what we want in the moment, but the consequences can be very painful for you and your loved ones. Remember: once we are caught in temptation it is very hard to get away.

sin - walk to jesus - christian motivation family game

Punishment for the sin in Walk to Jesus ™ is going back to the start. Use this example in your lecture.

Sin: there are many sins we commit in our lives and though they push us away from Jesus, His love for us is unconditional and we can always return to his path with His mercy.

Victory: do not forget to congratulate the victor and rejoice with them. Do not envy them, for doors of heaven are open for everyone who wants to come to Jesus.

Defeat: there is no defeat in Walk To Jesus ™ as we always get another chance with Jesus. But still players that don’t win will suffer some disappointment – remind them, that like in life we can’t get anything we want every time, but if we try, sooner or later victory will be ours.

Kicking pawns: ask a player that kicked out another player’s pawn how they feel when they get their own pawn kicked and remind them that they shall not do to others what they don’t want others to do to them.