Aesthetics of the Game

aesthetics - cover - Walk to Jesus

Jesus on the cover of the box is extending his hand towards the observer, inviting them to walk towards Him. (click to enlarge)

Walk to Jesus ™ Christian Motivation Family Game is one of the most beautiful games on the modern market, thanks to our great illustrator, Alais Legrand and keen art direction of author of the game Alfred Vesligaj. And it sure is one of the most if not the most aesthetically pleasing Christian games. Aesthetics was one of our primary concerns when developing the game, because image is the first tool we have to capture the players’ imagination. And imagination – mostly removed from our education systems – is key to understanding, because we have to be able to imagine things if we want to understand them. Not to mention that a beautiful game will attract players to take it from the shelf more often than a less aesthetically pleasing one. And that is our goal – to have players play our game over and over again to remind them of their road to Jesus.

Aesthetics: Alais Legrand, illustrator

aesthetics - board - walk to jesus

Section of the board showing four roads (circles) to Jesus. (click to enlarge)

Alais Legrand is a young but very talented illustrator with a great sense of color and space of the image. She managed to catch one of the hardest perspectives – top down – and make an eye-catching, stunning game board, filled with details and nature like images. Board of  Walk to Jesus is placed on an island, with a mountain in the center that rises up into heaven, with Jesus as central figure of it and seraphs encircling Him. Also icons of religious concepts like angels, devils, Eye of the Lord, sin and temptation are full of well thought elements, fitting perfectly into the game. There is devil pointing down the stares into the fire and little demon sitting on top of pile of gold, representing temptation. Mother Mary is praying, encircled by flowers in the meadow, and angels spread their wings, protecting you while climbing up the stairs and move closer to Jesus.

Jesus on the cover of the box is extending his hand towards the observer,  inviting them to walk towards Him. With the sun at his back, illuminating Him standing on the shore this marks earthly beginning of our road to Jesus. And on the back of the box there is Jesus standing on top of the stairs in heaven, his arms spread, welcoming the observer to go up and join Him in heaven.

Aesthetics: Alfred V., game author and art director


Extremely high detail makes board lively and attractive. See mist at the waterfalls and every tree and every flower hand drawn. (click to enlarge)

Alfred Vesligaj is an experienced game author, specialized in education and awareness building games, he was producing for renowned companies like Avon Slovenia, Slovenska Karitas (Largest Christian charity organization in Slovenia, EU) and other respected organizations. He was also lecturing in Media Production Management course for Middlesex University, London, where his lectures on game development withing Techniques of Creativity class were one of highest ranked by students for four years. His understanding of human psyche and effects of visual material to our sensorics – not to mention media production expertise and understanding of art made him a great art director with special insight to players’ needs and demands.

Alfred Vesligaj is also the author of our motivation story Road of a Christian, where he describes spiritual meaning of the game, he was perfecting this for almost five years. This game is based on his game concept Circles of Success, a motivation game that he developed to show players that our road has ups and downs, but if they don’t give up, they will succeed – and this is true in love, business and spiritual life.

devil - aesthetics - walk to jesus

Devil casting sinners down into flames.


seraph - card - walk to jesus

Cards have instructions and bible verses that can be used for prayer and meditation base.


card - walk to jesus

Beautiful details of our game will draw attention of any player – child or adult.