Christian Motivation Family Game

How do you explain to a child that helping others is good and that sin is bad? How can you make someone interested in teachings of Jesus? How can you keep faith in the materialistic world we live in?

Walk to Jesus ™ Christian Motivation Family Game will help you answer those questions with the help of in-game situations in the entertaining and motivating atmosphere of a family game.


Walk to Jesus is one of the most beautiful games on the market today.

About Walk to Jesus ™ Christian Motivation Family Game

Walk to Jesus ™ is a simple game based on motivational and educational principles that help us experience and understand abstract concepts such as heaven and hell, punishment for the sins, traps of temptation and joy of reaching for Jesus. The game will teach us that road is harder as we come closer to the goal, but with determination, knowledge and faith we can pass any obstacle and reap the rewards – all with a lot of laughs, playfulness and self-reflection.

Unique game features

To win in Walk to Jesus ™ you need Divine Grace cards, which can be obtained by helping other players. Not only does this uphold one of basic Christian teachings, and has general moral value, it also adds to the depth of the game as Walk to Jesus ™ is world’s first game requiring help to other players – your competitors – in order to win. This gives game a special strategic element making it more challenging and fun to play.

How is Walk to Jesus ™ being played

Walk to Jesus ™ a classical board game with pawns and dice. Pawns move on tiles based on the die toss result (similar to Ludo game). But unlike Ludo or other games of the type, Walk to Jesus ™ has four levels of tiles and player must land their pawn on specific tile to progress to the next level. Every other tile in game has a positive or negative feature, helping or blocking your progress in game. Basic rules are really simple – even 4-year old kids can understand them – throw the die, move pawn for that many tiles and do what landing tile tells you to do.

But game can also be played on much higher level – suitable for adults and even seasoned board game fans – as complexity rises with multiple pawns in game, card effects, and diplomacy (you can make teams etc.). And our very own concept of helping opponents gives game a special twist, not yet seen in any board game before. This will place you at a dilemma – you must help them to get Divine Grace cards but still you want to win yourself – so how do you help them without helping them too much and making them win? You can also make special use of cards, or effects on them that can help your strategy.

Learning curve

mother mary - walk to jesus - aboutLearning curve explains how much time (or how many games) it takes for player to understand the game and can play without consulting rules unless in disagreement. Walk to Jesus ™ has a very steep logarithmic learning curve, which means that you will learn rules very fast, yet will be able to find new angles and tricks for a long time, so game will not become dull after first plays. In general our play testers needed 2 or 3 repetitions to know rules by heart.

To speed your basic understanding of the rules of the game, we have prepared an illustrated First time play scenario. With it you get predefined set of playable positions and explanations of what happens every step along the way. With this scenario you will learn Walk to Jesus ™ fast and easy.