Second Prototype of the box 0

Second Prototype of the box

Posted by on Sep 8, 2013 in General News, News

We just got second prototype of Walk to Jesus ™ Christian motivation family game from the printing press. It already looks impressive (please note that this photo was taken by the phone, so it doesn’t show it in all its grace) even though it’s just hand made and without lamination or other finishing. Game is ready for production and advanced sale is starting now. We are still collecting logistic data, so we can find best shipping options for you. Buy Walk to Jesus ™ now   Enlarged Divine grace cards in Second Prototype Since last prototype we enlarged Divine Grace cards – you can see them here still non-detached. We decided for this further quality improvement, because some of our test players reported problems with reading texts without...

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Final corrections on Walk to Jesus ™ 1

Final corrections on Walk to Jesus ™

Posted by on Aug 23, 2013 in General News, News

Final corrections on game Today we are finishing final corrections for second step of corrections on Walk to Jesus ™ Christian motivation family game. We fixed some design issues, got our texts proofread and made game in general even more pleasing. We thank our game testers for their selfless effort (though it was not hard – as they said it was even fun) in helping us make Walk to Jesus ™ even more enjoyable, educational, motivational and beautiful. Rules are now even clearer and easier to understand. We believe this is just another step towards a new excellence mark – unachieved until now – for religious games. academic article We hope that game will hit the shelves and your homes as soon as possible. We still have one step of corrections ahead us to assure finest quality we can possibly deliver. You can order game from our webshop or ask your nearest religious vendor to order it for you. Buy Walk to Jesus ™ now Finishing website We are also making final corrections and content submissions on this website, so we can hit the markets prepared. Soon we will upload some content for all you fans waiting for wallpapers and other free goodies....

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Walk to Jesus ™ going global 0

Walk to Jesus ™ going global

Posted by on Jul 10, 2013 in General News, News

Based on stunning success of preliminary edition of Walk to Jesus ™ Christian Motivation Family Game on Slovenian market (read more in this post) Eurocorp Consulting Inc. decided to launch game globally. Global edition in English was commissioned to Value Ad Games. Game will be translated, redesigned according to modern board game market demands and test played by larger audiences. Launch of  global version of Walk to Jesus ™ Christian Motivation Family Game is planned for autumn 2013. See some of early game graphics bellow, we hope you like it and will share your ideas about it with us – please write a comment. Divine Grace cards Divine Grace cards ate Victory attempt tokens. Player needs them to be able to compete for victory, but to get them, they must help other players. This creates a unique twist in game play as now every player has to help other players, but still strive for their own...

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Walk to Jesus is bestseller 0

Walk to Jesus is bestseller

Posted by on Jun 16, 2013 in General News, News

Walk to Jesus ™ is bestseller. Preliminary edition (Pot k Jeusu, Ognjisce, 2012), published on in Slovenia is a smashing hit according to our Slovenian publisher, Ognjisce d.o.o. Game is near the top of their bestselling list, with projected yearly sales achieved in first four months of the year alone. Game can still be ordered...

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Preliminary Edition 0

Preliminary Edition

Posted by on Sep 15, 2012 in General News, News

In summer 2012 we started working on publishing preliminary edition of Walk to Jesus ™ Christian Motivation Family Game. Game was developed based on Circles of Success motivation game, developed by Alfred V. in 2008, used for his lectures in game theory and media management for Middlesex University, London, Great Britain executed by Institute and Academy on Multimedia, Ljubljana, Slovenia. In 2012 he adopted game to Christian elements and found great interest for it at largest Slovenian Christian publisher, Ognjisce, who later published first edition of the game called “Pot k Jezusu” (Way to Jesus, literal translation from Slovenian language). Preliminary edition in store Ognjisce developed their own design with their illustrator, you can order it here (its in Slovenian language only!): This issue is part of our market testing. Game was officially released in December...

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