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Walk to Jesus at Goblicon 2014 0

Walk to Jesus at Goblicon 2014

Posted by on Apr 22, 2014 in General News, News

When we came to Goblicon 2014 in Maribor, Slovenia the word of Walk to Jesus™ already preceded us and people were anxious to play it. And Jesus was a star again – hardcore gamers just love it, despite they do not consider them selves religious Christians. Spela Salamon, one of the organizers, told us: “Even though none of us is Christian, we all agree that Walk to Jesus™ is one of the most entertaining board games we ever played and I’m sure a lot of people would agree with us.” Goblicon 2014 Goblicon is an annual RPG, fantasy, LARP, Sci-Fi and tabletop gaming in general convention held in Maribor, Slovenia. This was the second year of the con and organizers were thrilled by the high numbers of visitors, interested in D&D, Warhamer, Magic the Gathering, LARP, fantasy and Sci-Fi literature etc … We have also presented Walk to Jesus™ and our new game “27” to the public and response was great. Also Kickstarter winner Juraj Bilich was presenting his MachinaArcana. 27 “27” is our new family game – players have to collect sets of cards of various colors and powers to gain 27 points. We only have a prototype for now, and are hoping to get the art for Christian...

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International Tabletop Day in Ljubljana 0

International Tabletop Day in Ljubljana

Posted by on Apr 7, 2014 in General News, News

Yesterday we were at International Tabletop Day in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Walk to Jesus was well accepted by the players who had a great time playing the game. At the picture members of the Golden Goblin club from Maribor playing Limited edition. International Tabletop Day International Tabletop Day was hosted by local board game clubs and enthusiasts at DIC – Students home of Ivan Cankar. It was hard to get parking, but the building is easy to find and organization was well enough to guide us nicely through the building. Close to 200 games were at display and available to play and visitors took advantage to it, having a lot of fun. Walk to Jesus at ITD We presented Walk to Jesus Christian Motivation Family Game to the players and response was phenomenal. Players loved innovative gameplay and interaction among the...

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First order – five thousand copies Comments Off on First order – five thousand copies

First order – five thousand copies

Posted by on Oct 6, 2013 in General News, News

hives treatment This week we just passed first order of 5.000 copies of Walk to Jesus ™ Christian Motivation Family Game. Game will be developed by one of the world's best board game manufacturers that also produces worlds most successful board game for world's largest board game manufacturer. (We can't use their names for our promotion because of trademark protection laws, but you can google what that game and manufacturer is). We are expecting top quality products that can be in your mailbox by Christmas. First order of Premium game First order was only for premium game, DIY game will not be available this year. But we are planning large pack of five or 10 boards for next year. Also we started taking applications for Walk to Jesus ™ 2013 World Series. Follow us on this website or on facebook: for more information and dates of competitions....

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Hand made pawns – First prototype 0

Hand made pawns – First prototype

Posted by on Sep 17, 2013 in Fan Club, General News, News

Hand made pawns (first prototype) for Limited edition of Walk to Jesus ™ Christian Motivation Family Game just arrived. Pawn sets will include: 3 kings, with 2 real pearls 3 angels with 1 real pearl 3 children 3 shepherds 1 Jesus for central tile Hand Made Pawns with real pearls Final set of hand made pawns for Limited edition of Walk to Jesus ™ will come with 9 real natural peacock pearls (to read more about peacock pearls click here). Improved prototype hand made pawns will be finished by the end of the months. Our idea was to make special pawns with added value for collectors. All pawns are made from clay and painted with natural colors only to remain simple and Biblical. Kings and angels will get some gold color and pearls as it will reflect their status. We deliberately keep Jesus plain and without any ornaments, as we believe this is how He really was – without jewelry or other earthly attachments. Keep track of our blog, or contact us for more information on Limited edition of Walk to Jesus ™. Limited edition Walk to Jesus ™ with hand made paws will be available after premium edition will be...

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Second Prototype of the box 0

Second Prototype of the box

Posted by on Sep 8, 2013 in General News, News

We just got second prototype of Walk to Jesus ™ Christian motivation family game from the printing press. It already looks impressive (please note that this photo was taken by the phone, so it doesn’t show it in all its grace) even though it’s just hand made and without lamination or other finishing. Game is ready for production and advanced sale is starting now. We are still collecting logistic data, so we can find best shipping options for you. Buy Walk to Jesus ™ now   Enlarged Divine grace cards in Second Prototype Since last prototype we enlarged Divine Grace cards – you can see them here still non-detached. We decided for this further quality improvement, because some of our test players reported problems with reading texts without...

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Final corrections on Walk to Jesus ™ 1

Final corrections on Walk to Jesus ™

Posted by on Aug 23, 2013 in General News, News

Final corrections on game Today we are finishing final corrections for second step of corrections on Walk to Jesus ™ Christian motivation family game. We fixed some design issues, got our texts proofread and made game in general even more pleasing. We thank our game testers for their selfless effort (though it was not hard – as they said it was even fun) in helping us make Walk to Jesus ™ even more enjoyable, educational, motivational and beautiful. Rules are now even clearer and easier to understand. We believe this is just another step towards a new excellence mark – unachieved until now – for religious games. academic article We hope that game will hit the shelves and your homes as soon as possible. We still have one step of corrections ahead us to assure finest quality we can possibly deliver. You can order game from our webshop or ask your nearest religious vendor to order it for you. Buy Walk to Jesus ™ now Finishing website We are also making final corrections and content submissions on this website, so we can hit the markets prepared. Soon we will upload some content for all you fans waiting for wallpapers and other free goodies....

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